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Abrisud offers you a complete range of services to ensure
that your pool enclosure project runs smoothly.

The Abrisud online shop:

All maintenance products, accessories, and spare parts are specially designed for your enclosure!

Abrisud After Sales Service:

A team of 20 people is at your service at our headquarters and in the field to schedule maintenance interventions (optional maintenance service) or for repairs ranging from a tree falling on the enclosure to the loss of the key to the enclosure’s lock!

A team of eight people are on hand by telephone to provide a diagnosis and a rapid response to your request. This after-sales service office organises the visit of a technician to your home or sends you the spare parts you need.

As a relay, 12 after-sales technicians spread across the regions provide assistance, if necessary, to more than 30,000 clients who own Abrisud products installed in Europe.

From a simple demonstration in the event of difficulty in handling the enclosure to the repair of the product following an incident, these technicians provide a responsive and close proximity service. These installation technicians are equipped with a workshop truck enabling them to carry out a wide range of repairs.
For greater efficiency, the entire team is in permanent telephone and data contact with our design office and workshops.

Mediation: To settle any disputes, you must first send a written complaint to ABRISUD ZI du Pont Peyrin 32600 L’ISLE JOURDAIN. One month later, if you are not satisfied, in accordance with Article L.612-1 of the Consumer Code, you can contact the MEDICYS mediation service simply and free of charge by submitting your file electronically at www.mediationconso-ame.com

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Abrisud has been designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing some 5,000 enclosures a year for over 20 years, offering customers in 11 countries throughout Europe bespoke in-house services!

Abrisud, Europe’s leading manufacturer of pool enclosures proposes an across-the-board range of enclosures, shutters and covers to protect pools and make them safe.

All Abrisud pool enclosures comply with the NF P 90-309 standard Each enclosure is tailor-designed to meet the specifications of each pool.

Abrisud fully masters the entire quality chain of its products. We do our utmost to meeting your desires and needs at every stage without ever outsourcing.

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