Carport Allure by Abrisud

Aluminium car enclosure with a contemporary design


Increased resistance

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Very much in vogue in the Nordic countries, the carport came into its own several years ago as a credible alternative to the traditional closed garage. Thanks to its solid 6060T6 powder-coated aluminium structure, our car enclosure model enables you to shelter your vehicle at a lower cost and to effectively protect your car, motorbike, and even your bicycles from the aggressions of the weather, primarily rain, snow, hail, and the sun’s UV rays.

Despite its open structure, the level of protection is similar to that of a closed garage. Air can circulate freely thus reducing condensation considerably, which in turn reduces the formation of rust on vehicles. The Allure carport is equipped with a perimeter gutter with downpipe to facilitate the drainage of rainwater. The 60 mm thick sandwiched panel roof helps to maintain a temperature that is suitable for the storage of your vehicle.

A modular design structure

The aluminium structure of the Allure carport is entirely made to measure and can accommodate one or two cars. Each model is unique and can be equipped with various options, such as a Pegaso LED lamp for more style or a fixed aluminium screen for more comfort.

Ease of installation

Despite its solid 6060T6 powder-coated aluminium structure, our carport can easily be installed in your garden or driveway, and requires no structural work. Without walls, this model simply consists of several columns and a roof. It has two 165/165mm aluminium posts up to 5m and an intermediate post beyond that.

For stand-alone installations, additional posts will be required. The simplicity of the structure does not affect the durability of the product. The aluminium structure is guaranteed for 10 years. The stainless steel screws and the mounting plate are also a guarantee of quality. The Allure carport enables you to optimise the space around your house.

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A light and attractive structure, made of powder-coated aluminium with a 10-year guarantee, a choice solution for accommodating one or more vehicles. The carport is an outdoor installation enabling vehicles to be effectively protected from UV rays and bad weather.

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All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.

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