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The Escape carport is entirely custom-made and enables you to shelter your motorhome and protect it from the weather. Its flat roof and its peripheral gutter facilitate the evacuation of rainwater in the angle of your choice.

The 60mm thick insulation roof panels will also enable your vehicle to be protected from UV rays, excessive heat, and freezing temperatures. Unlike a traditional garage, the Escape carport, specially designed for motorhomes, allows air to circulate freely. This limits the phenomenon of condensation and the development of rust on the metal parts of your vehicle. This increases the longevity of your vehicle.

Beautify your exterior

CAt Abrisud, we attach great importance to the aesthetic quality of our products. Made of powder-coated aluminium and available in a wide range of colours, the Escape carport will easily blend in with the style of your home, whether it is traditional, modern, or contemporary. The Qualicoat and Qualimarine certification for aluminium guarantees the durability of the powder coating and compliance with rigorous specifications.

Do not be constrained by major works

One of the great advantages of the carport is its ease of installation. Depending on the characteristics of your garden, in the version adjoining the house, 2 aluminium posts of 165/165mm will be necessary up to 5m, then an intermediate post beyond that. For stand-alone installations, additional posts are required.

The installation of a carport, whether free-standing or lean-to, will not require any major installation work. Unlike a traditional garage, it does not require a certain distance from the neighbour’s property line. This means that you can cleverly fill in the space around your home.

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An ideal compromise for wintering a motor home, the aluminium that makes up the structure enables aesthetic requirements to be met while guaranteeing solidity and resistance to external elements. The roof is made up of a sandwiched plate structure, i.e. two aluminium panels thermally bonded to a central panel of 60 mm extruded polystyrene, for maximum insulation against UV rays.

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delivery, installation

All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.

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