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City halls

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Modular solutions for providing cover for public areas in town halls and communities

Large size pool enclosures and pergolas, a most attractive feature for your community

Offering facilities and activities all year round to your residents is an important means of ensuring local dynamism. Covering a swimming pool or the outdoor space of a multi-purpose hall will enable you to maintain events and community activities throughout the year.


Pool enclosures for professionals

A swimming pool with a modular cover is a facility for collective use. It enables you to ensure continuity of service to your residents. Abrisud Pro solutions are designed to receive the public and enable users to enjoy a unique place where sports and relaxation activities are possible all year round. Quality materials, compliance with building standards, and integration with the environment, each project is unique and designed to meet the needs of our clients.

The XXL bioclimatic pergola enables the equipping of outdoor areas open to the public. It is a tailor-made, modular project designed to cover reception areas. Resistant to outdoor conditions, the large width pergola enables you to benefit from a greater capacity of reception. Waterproof and modular, it allows the use of outdoor spaces in all seasons.


Roofing solutions that fit into the life of communities

A municipal swimming pool equipped with a modular enclosure enables you to maintain sports and cultural activities regardless of the weather and also represents a tourist draw. AbrisudPro imagines and designs large structures that integrate perfectly with the location, both architecturally and in terms of the activities offered. Fully modular solutions designed in compliance with SNOW AND WIND (NV65) or EUROCODES construction standards. Your municipal swimming pool can be covered and uncovered according to the seasons, enabling you to offer new activities throughout the year.
Pool enclosures, terrace enclosures, and pergolas for multi-purpose rooms ensure that activities are maintained all year round. 

arc abrisud


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