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What is a Cookie ?

A cookie is a text file that the server records on your computer when you visit a site or view an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information about your browsing. Some cookies are essential to the use of the site, others enable the optimisation and personalisation of the content displayed.


The various types of cookies

ABRISUD cookies

These are cookies stored by ABRISUD on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to meet its needs for browsing, optimisation, and personalisation of services on our site.


Analytical cookies
To track users’ browsing habits, these cookies are used to analyse your navigation, which pages you prefer, and which pages you exit the site on. This enables us to tailor our site to your tastes in order to provide you with more relevant content.

Cookies for advertising
Advertising cookies that we or trusted third party service providers may place on your browser remember that you have visited a website. They use this information to provide you with advertisements tailored to your interests. This involves grouping common interests based on web browsing history. This can be then used to make advertisements on websites more personalised. Although behavioural advertising cookies can track your web browsing activities, they cannot identify you personally. Without these cookies, the online advertisements you see would be less relevant to you and your interests. Other advertising cookies will count your visits based on where you received the advertisement (e-mailing, banner etc.) to show our advertising providers how many people are visiting our site because of them.

Les cookies tiers
These cookies enable you to share content from our site with your friends on social networks. This is particularly the case with the “Share”, “Recommend”, “Tweet” etc. buttons from social networks such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Linkedin”, “Viadeo”, and “Google +”, etc.

Configuring your web browser to use cookies

Most web browsers offer you the possibility of controlling cookies on your computer.
Your browser enables you at any time to indicate which cookies are being stored on your computer and to ask you to accept them or not.
You can accept or decline cookies on a case-by-case basis or decline them automatically.

You can disable cookies by following the instructions below:

Internet Explorer
In Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button, then Internet Options.
On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings.
Click the View Files button.

Go to the Tools tab of the browser and select the Options menu
In the window that appears, choose Privacy and click on Show Cookies

In your browser, choose the EDIT menu > Preferences.
Click on Security.
Click on Show Cookies

Google Chrome
Click on the Tools menu icon.
Select Options.
Click on the Advanced Options tab and go to the Privacy section.
Click on the Show Cookies button.

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Abrisud has been designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing some 5,000 enclosures a year for over 20 years, offering customers in 11 countries throughout Europe bespoke in-house services!

Abrisud, Europe’s leading manufacturer of pool enclosures proposes an across-the-board range of enclosures, shutters and covers to protect pools and make them safe.

All Abrisud pool enclosures comply with the NF P 90-309 standard Each enclosure is tailor-designed to meet the specifications of each pool.

Abrisud fully masters the entire quality chain of its products. We do our utmost to meeting your desires and needs at every stage without ever outsourcing.

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