Pool cover guide

The benefits of installing a pool shutter or cover are beyond question. It is a device that protects the pool water from pollution, insects, debris, and plants. Most importantly, it ensures that the right temperature is maintained while reducing the use of treatment products. When it comes to pool shutters, the choice is extensive. There are immersed, automatic, above-ground, roller, custom, safety, overflow, and even heated pool shutters. As for the cover, we can mention the bar cover, rectangular or oval in shape. Given the wide range of shutter models and covers available, it is not always easy to choose. In order to help you, this article will provide information on the advantages of each type of shutter and the criteria for choosing one.   

Should I choose an above-ground pool roller shutters or an immersed roller shutters?

Before choosing a swimming pool cover, you need to decide between an above-ground cover and an immersed model.


The above ground pool cover

As the name suggests, the above-ground pool cover is installed outside the pool. It consists of a curtain and a roller positioned at the edge of the pool. This will receive the slats of the shutter when it is in the open position. The above-ground cover is a safe barrier against the risk of falling in the pool and drowning. In the closed position, it enables the temperature to be maintained and prevents the water in the pool from evaporating. This type of cover can be either manual or automatic. The manual version has a crank handle that you simply manoeuvre when covering the pool. The automatic cover, on the other hand, is equipped with a motor that automatically opens and closes at the touch of a button.


The immersed pool shutter

Unlike the above-ground shutter, the immersed pool shutter is quite discreet as it is directly incorporated into the pool. It is inserted into the underwater enclosure, automatically rolling out over the surface of the pool with the help of a motor. As you can imagine, installation can sometimes be more complex than for an above-ground shutter. Indeed, for some models, it will be necessary to provide a dedicated space for the shutter during the construction or renovation of the pool, while others are equipped with a less restrictive system that enables installation after the construction has been completed. The advantages of this immersed model include its high level of safety, as its slats can support a weight of up to 100 kg. It also has a sleek and stylish design, thanks to its discretion and chic appearance. Not to mention that it saves a lot of space around the pool and is easy to unroll. 


In absolute terms, the above-ground shutter and the submerged shutter each have their own advantages. While the above-ground model is economical, affordable, and easy to install, it remains rather cumbersome. On the other hand, its immersed counterpart is aesthetically pleasing and discreet, although it is more complex to install. In any case, the choice will depend on your budget and your specific needs.



Motorised, manual; or solar-powered pool shutters: which to choose?

The pool shutter can be either manual or motorised, battery operated or solar powered.  


The manual pool shutter

As mentioned earlier, the manual shutter is equipped with a crank to enable it to be rolled and unrolled around a shaft. The roller is attached to the end of the pool to accommodate and store the shutter. This manual model has the advantage of being practical and inexpensive to acquire. It does not require an electrical connection. Unlike an automatic shutter, it will continue to operate even in the event of a power failure.

The motorised pool shutter

The motorised shutter consists of an integrated motor that operates the rolling and unrolling of the equipment via a remote control or a switch. Simply operate the switch directly or via the remote control to cover or uncover your pool. Of course, this type of shutter requires energy to operate efficiently. For this, it can use either electricity or solar energy. However, in either case, investing in a motorised shutter is synonymous with time saving and convenience.

The solar powered pool shutter

From an ecological point of view, the solar shutter is the best choice to cover your pool. It combines comfort, safety, and energy savings. The built-in motor captures the energy emitted by the sun’s rays to operate. In this regard, it is supplied with photovoltaic panels that convert the solar energy into electricity. The good news is that this type of installation does not require any connection. In addition, it is able to preserve the quality of the water and at the same time help the environment. 

When it comes to maintenance, the pool shutter should be cleaned at least twice a year to extend its life. This can be done by removing any dirt that accumulates in the slats. Do not hesitate to clean thoroughly in the case of persistent dirt. Afterwards, simply rinse the shutter with a high-pressure cleaner and leave it to dry for the necessary time.

What are the essential criteria for properly selecting a pool shutter?

In addition to choosing between the various types of shutters, there are a number of other criteria that should be taken into account when planning your purchase.

The size and shape of the pool

To make the right choice, the size of the shutter must be perfectly matched to that of the pool. The same applies to the shape. Customised solutions enable the shutter to be adapted to most pool shapes.

The price of your pool shutter

The price of the shutter is a criterion not to be neglected. It varies according to the type of shutter, its size, and the desired options. For smaller budgets, the above-ground shutter is the best option. On the other hand, an immersed shutter will require a higher investment. Furthermore, the manual pool shutter is more affordable than the motorised models.


The appearance of the shutter is not to be taken lightly, as it can have a major influence on that of your swimming pool or even your outdoor layout. The immersed shutter is appreciated for its discretion, easily adapting to its environment. That said, the latest models of above-ground shutters have not yet had their last word. They are available today in a wide range of designs and customisations.

The swimming pool's frequentation

The number of times the pool is used is another important criterion in the choice of a shutter. If the pool will be used frequently, for reasons of convenience, it is better to choose a shutter that opens automatically, such as a solar or electric one. Unlike manual shutters, this type of shutter is very easy to operate and does not require any physical effort.

In short, covering the pool with a shutter is a guarantee of comfort and safety for you and your children. What’s more, it is a decorative element in its own right thanks to its clean lines and its customisable nature. Thus, it is an undeniable plus to enhance the aesthetics of your exterior. From a legal point of view, pool shutters and covers are subject to the NF 90-308 standard. This regulation stipulates that the device must not cause trapping, pricking, strangulation, or cutting. It must also be able to support the weight of an adult of approximately 100 kg without tearing. In addition, it must have anchorage points in the ground no more than 25 mm above the deck. In addition, it must not rise more than 10 cm between each ground anchor to ensure that a child under the age of 5 cannot enter. Finally, the shutter must be able to withstand shocks of 50 kg at the anchor points without suffering damage.