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Automatic, secure, and aesthetic… This new generation of swimming pool covers, the result of three years of research, is a new, highly technological product without equal on the market.

Unrivalled on the market, this flexible, motorised pool cover remains perfectly taut and resists heavy loads without ever accumulating rainwater. Proven technology for a surprisingly attractive look.

Cover your pool in style

Thanks to its unique locking system, the cover is always taut. In all circumstances, your pool remains elegantly covered, as if “attired”… During the opening and closing cycle, the entire mechanism of this pool cover, tubular motor and roller, moves along the entire length of the pool, leaving only the optimised box visible when the pool is uncovered.

Suitable for most pools, and can be adapted to fit the majority of existing pools or those under construction. Made to measure, it can be customised with a wide choice of colours for the cover and the protective box for the thermo-lacquered steel motor unit, enabling this pool cover to blend in perfectly and discreetly with your terrace and garden environment.

Protecting your pool and the environment

The 4-season pool cover guarantees cleaner, clearer, purer water all year round, reducing the use of treatment products, water, and energy consumption while protecting the environment in both summer and winter.

Durable materials and a unique locking system ensure cleaner water and protection from unwanted insects, plant debris, and other contaminants. The anti-UV fabric blocks solar irradiation and part of the light. This reduces photosynthesis and therefore prevents the development of algae.

A unique, patented system

This new system is unique and protected by several patents. It provides a solution to cover the constraints of aesthetics, safety, and comfort with a proven automated system, used in the world of industry.

The pool cover unrolls and locks simultaneously, thanks to an exclusive 8.5mm thick mini-rail. This is permanently secured by a protective seal to prevent the accumulation of plant debris and dirt inside. In addition, the rail, which is constantly closed by the interlocking strap, has been made harmless to toes, even those of small children.

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It’s an intelligent technology: The extra-flat rail simultaneously guides and locks the cover as it moves across the pool. The cover is under very little mechanical stress and does not touch the ground, thus avoiding friction. The rail is permanently enclosed by a protective seal and has slightly rounded contours that are very safe for the users’ feet. The rail is easy to handle on a daily basis, and dirt cannot accumulate on it.

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All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.


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