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Make your pool season last forever with Abrisud’s pool enclosures. Choose a model from our flat, low, medium-height and full-height enclosures. Our tailor-designed retractable, removable and sliding enclosures ensure your pool pleasure lasts forever.

Make your pool season last forever with Abrisud’s pool enclosures. Choose a model from our flat, low, medium-height and full-height enclosures. Our tailor-designed retractable, removable and sliding enclosures ensure your pool pleasure lasts forever.

Enjoy time-out in a totally safe pool

Our high-performance, optimally-durable flat, low, medium-height and full-height pool enclosures offer you maximum safety in the pool, on your terrace and in your garden. Our entire range of enclosures complies with the NF P90-309 pool safety standard and protects your pool and poolsides with elegance and style. Have a great time in your outdoor space with total peace of mind. Discover three different ways of enjoying your pool enclosure.

Our sleek, designer-style flat and ultra-flat pool enclosures will be ever-so discreet in your garden. We propose a range of tailor-designed modules to cover your pool in style. These weather-resistant covers will protect your pool from weather extremes. With a host of options, our removable and fixed pool enclosures offer you a wide range of features: motorized, removable, with a handling pole or stackable storage. Whatever your wish, whatever your needs, we aim to deliver you the best experience possible.

Elegant curves and state-of-the-art materials for perfectly-harmonious low pool enclosures embracing timeless design. Based on the model and the height chosen, our retractable, sliding, semi-sliding and removable pool enclosures invite you to enjoy time-out in the pool sheltered from the elements. Choose from a host of open-close positions to suit your mood. Relax, have fun, whatever the weather. The honeycomb polycarbonate-filled or transparent covering catches the sun’s rays: swim in warm water from springtime onwards.

Our medium-height pool enclosures offer you full-height enclosure comfort with low enclosure refinement and enable you to avoid the red tape related to enclosures over 1.80 metres. Their height means you can move around freely, get changed and access the pool easily. You’ll also have a wonderful view around the pool. These enclosures are tailor-designed in line with your requirements and wishes. Thanks to their pared-down size, the space becomes much warmer faster so you can enjoy your pool and covered area whenever you fancy.

Abrisud proposes a wide array of full-height pool enclosures with a host of options: full-height wooden pool enclosures, full-height aluminium profile pool enclosures, curved or angular pool enclosures. Whatever your dream, whatever your desire, there’s always a model to suit you. Based on your outdoor scenescape, you can choose between free-standing, lean-to or wall-mounted full-height pool enclosures. Flaunt your style and go for a lounge area around the pool that’s modular and in perfect harmony with your garden and living space.

An exquisite dome-shaped enclosure for your hot-tub, your round pool or your outdoor lounge area. Abrisud’s thermally-insulated hot-tub enclosure turns your hot-tub into an elegant, one-of-a-kind wellness space that you can enjoy season-in, season-out. Extend hot-tub pleasure with an exquisitely-rounded enclosure. Our timeless, state-of-the-art wooden hot-tub enclosures are crafted with a blend of premium-quality materials. Their rotunda structure can be modulated as you wish thanks to their elegant opening-closing system. Our hot-tub enclosures are ever-so light, boasting incomparable quality and long life.

Pool enclosures boasting matchless quality

Enjoying your pool season-in, season-out and knowing you’re totally up to pool protection standards is perfectly possible. Abrisud’s pool enclosures are designed in premium-quality, long-life, NF P90-309 standard compliant materials that protect from risks of drowning. Pool water is warmer and easier to clean as algae development is hindered and walls are dirt-resistant.

Our enclosures also curb water evaporation and ensure you make savings. Perfect for enjoying a dip even in mid season. We select noble materials for their performance, their sustainability thanks, in particular, to anti-UV treatment and Qualicoat thermo-coated aluminium profiles. They create a pool and enclosure ensemble that’s reliable, sturdy and timeless. The elegance of wood, the resistance of aluminium, the transparency of polycarbonate. Our full-height, medium-height, low and flat pool enclosures are ever-so easy to use thanks to systems with or without guide rails.

Whether they’re motorized or manual, they’ll definitely delight, whatever your mood. Choose the pool enclosure that’s totally in line with your space and needs: motorized, manually operated, retractable, slidable, removable, stackable or liftable. It will be elegant and discreet. Wintering becomes child’s play with a covered pool. Abrisud’s wide range of enclosures lets you modulate your spaces endlessly. By installing an Abrisud pool enclosure, you can enjoy your pool season-in, season-out!

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