Removable flat pool enclosure

The removable flat pool enclosure: design that is finally accessible


Warm water

Manually operated

No ground rail

Quick to mount

Warm water

Manually operated

No ground rail

Quick to mount

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The Abrisud removable flat pool enclosure emphasises the purity of contemporary design, perfectly suited to a modern exterior.

Its timeless look and clean lines satisfy year after year.

Discreet, the flat removable pool enclosure is designed with simplicity to blend into the background and reveal the beauty of your surroundings.

The flat pool enclosure without constraints

Abrisud designed a pool enclosure that is as elegant as it is functional. Made up of flat modules, this model has ergonomic handles for easy handling.
Without ground rails, the flat removable pool enclosure glides along your deck with the help of discreet and resistant castors. Open or closed, it is effortless to use, giving priority to the comfort of a nice swimming session. It is very easy to use and quick to install.
When you are not using your Abrisud pool enclosure, you can simply remove the modules, lift them up, take them off the deck, and stack them. When closed, this model optimises your storage space at the end of the pool or in a separate room.

The durable removable flat pool enclosure

The Abrisud removable flat pool enclosure provides comfort and peace of mind all year round. During the colder season, this model protects your pool against wind, rain, and hail. Resistant, it is suitable for all climates. Its crosspieces are slightly curved to facilitate rainwater drainage. Its polycarbonate honeycomb captures the first to last rays of sunlight to extend your bathing season and your pleasure. Relax in warm water for much longer.
Isolated from impurities, your pool is protected from algae growth and maintains perfect hygiene.


The ideal removable flat pool enclosure

Abrisud developed a secure and resistant removable pool enclosure. Made to measure, the removable pool enclosure is specifically designed to follow the lines of your deck and protect your pool to the maximum. Regardless of its dimensions and specificities, your pool is protected to the maximum.
Made in France, the flat pool enclosure combines state-of-the-art know-how and quality materials. Choose premium protection for your pool.
Ensure optimum safety with a flat pool enclosure that complies with the NF P90-309 standard. Solid, it protects children and adults from any risk.

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Lifting lever

It enables the modules to be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. It is suitable for the removable and sliding system, in their honeycomb version.

Easy Screw

Time-saving accessory to screw and unscrew the enclosure knobs instantly and without strain. 
Nomadic and cordless, Easy Screw has a rechargeable battery. A time-saving accessory for screwing and unscrewing the enclosure’s knobs instantly and without strain. 

Condensation guide

This device intercepts and precipitates the condensation water in the pool before it falls on the decking. No more losses due to evaporation. The pool area is protected.

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The Abrisud removable flat pool enclosure is distinguished by its affordability and its complete protection of the pool. Waterproof, robust, and of high quality, the enclosure protects the pool, the swimmers, and the sunbathers. Enjoy a relaxing and safe space day after day.

The solid aluminium structure is complemented by highly resistant polycarbonate honeycomb. The removable pool enclosure is finished to a high standard. This is a guarantee of quality, and they also ensure optimum watertightness.

The flat removable pool enclosure is designed for all pools and decks. Its structure and equipment can be adapted to all heights and shapes of decking.

Lifting levers are available as an option. They create an environment that is suitable for swimming at all times. Protected from rain or wind, you can enjoy your pool for as long as you like.

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delivery, installation

All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.



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