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Thanks to the Abrisud full-height pool enclosures, the sunny days stretch on and the moments of relaxation are endless. Create a microclimate around your pool and enjoy swimming with complete peace of mind.

Thanks to the Abrisud full-height pool enclosures, the sunny days stretch on and the moments of relaxation are endless. Create a microclimate around your pool and enjoy swimming with complete peace of mind.

Arched or angled, Aluminium or wood

Enjoy the spaciousness of a high pool enclosure in aluminium or wood, arched or angled. Extend your house to a quiet room where luxury and comfort reign supreme. Imagine a pleasant living space where activities can be carried out in complete safety. Relax in a modern cocoon made of quality materials.



The full-height free-standing pool enclosure is a haven of peace in the middle of the garden. It combines the aesthetics of a veranda with the modularity of a pool enclosure to make it a living space in its own right. Its interior volume enables you to spend time by the pool when you are not swimming. It is also a suitable solution for those wishing to create a relaxation, sports, and fitness area or an outdoor living room. A structure that is at the same time design, light, and modular, microarchitecture in the garden providing a real added value to the house!

The perfect full-height pool enclosure to protect pools that are close to the building

Create added wellness space with this full-height pool enclosure

The angular full-height pool enclosure, the veranda spirit, with the added benefit of modularity

The wooden pool enclosure inspires authenticity, warmth, and conviviality. It opens up a new, bright living space enabling you to create a genuine cocoon in harmony with your exterior, particularly in environments using traditional materials such as stone or tiles. The new rounded design of the full-height wooden pool enclosure combines a traditional wooden structure with aluminium openings for a decidedly contemporary look.

An elegant wooden enclosure, boasting a natural look that enhances your outdoor space


The wall-mounted pool enclosure is directly connected to the house, leaning against it in a parallel position. This configuration is ideal for pools located very close to a building. The modules can be moved effortlessly and without risk of jamming by simply pressing on the enclosure upright thanks to its patented rail. It is an ideal solution for enjoying direct access to the pool from the house, creating a light-filled and pleasant extension. You will be able to install your garden furniture and thus take full advantage of your pool.

Expand your horizons with our free-standing pool enclosures

Is your pool close to the house? This full-height pool enclosure model is directly adjacent to your house.

Access your pool directly from your home with this full-height pool enclosure

Durable full-height pool enclosures

Installing a full-height pool enclosure means bathing in an enclosed and protected space while enjoying the pool almost all year round. The structures in thermo-lacquered aluminium or wood are made to measure so that each module is well proportioned. The side and roof walls are made of anti-uv polycarbonate or, as an option, with single or double transparent glass.

This protection keeps the pool warmer while protecting it from dirt and impurities. Winterising the pool is made easier. Solid and robust, the full-height pool enclosures are very resistant to the elements of rain, sun, wind, and snow. Abrisud full-height pool enclosures are easy to manage. They can be configured according to your wishes to make the most of what the elements have to offer, the joys of swimming and the garden.

The openings by side panels or sliding of the structure enable you to adjust the access between the inside and the outside. Like all our pool enclosures, they comply with the NF swimming pool standard, constituting a safety device that dispenses with the need to install a barrier. With their generous internal height, they require a building permit that the Abrisud team will help you to obtain easily. Fully insulated, they create a secure environment whether you are standing below or around them.

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