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This sliding pool enclosure is the best-selling pool enclosure in Europe thanks to its proven versatility! The star of pool enclosures is all about modularity. In fact, it retains the characteristics of the removable enclosure because its modules can all be removed. In addition, the modules slide together like a dresser drawer, enabling the pool to be covered and partially uncovered effortlessly.

The modules of the low sliding enclosure

The secret of its success? Its modules. The Abrisud low sliding pool enclosure can move to the right and to the left. It adapts perfectly to your environment, offering you a pool that is open on its most convenient side. The pool enclosure modules slide under each other, freeing up the swimming area.
The low sliding pool enclosure is guided by an exclusive system. It creates a fluid movement of the modules and can be operated alone. Cover and uncover your pool effortlessly and as you wish.
Maintenance and storage are very simple thanks to the folding and stackable modules. When stored, the semi-sliding pool enclosure takes up very little space.

The accessible low sliding enclosure

The low sliding pool enclosure has multiple entry points providing you with several solutions. This model has a gable mounted on a double joint and an access hatch. Enter your pool either through the sliding modules, the removable gable, the hatch, or when the modules are raised.
Whatever the weather, enjoy a dip in the water. Uncover the enclosure to feel the sun’s rays on your skin, or cover it up to enjoy a leisurely swim in the rain or wind.
The pool enclosure is now available in a lowered version. More discreet, this enclosure enables swimming while protected from bad weather.

Options of the semi-sliding enclosure

The sliding pool enclosure has a number of optional extras. The lifting lever enables each module to be raised and held on one of its sides. You are protected from the rain or wind while maintaining a connection with the outside.
The polycarbonate is available in a crystal version for total transparency. The exclusive Abrisud coating is highly resistant.
The condensation guide keeps the condensation drops away from the decking to limit water loss and preserve the deck.
The pair of levers makes it easy to open the modules. Open and close the elements with ease.

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The designer's eye

Abri piscine coulissant schéma
  • Removable Pinions

  • Surface

    8mm polycarbonate honeycomb (UV treated,
    double sided) protected at the end by a micro-perforated strip
    rebated in an aluminium profile for good

    (no rivets or screws)

  • Ventilation

    Profile enabling the ventilation of the polycarbonate
    and the installation of the bi-material polypropylene and SEBS seal.
    Polycarbonate with UV protection on 2 sides. Handles integrated into the profile.

  • Guide system,
    optimal sliding
    of the lower modules into the upper modules

  • Modules

    All sliding modules can be raised and removed.
    They are equipped with stainless
    steel ball bearing castors = All slide option only

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Lifting lever

It enables the modules to be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. It is suitable for the removable and sliding system, in their honeycomb version.

Condensation guide

This device intercepts and precipitates the condensation water in the pool before it falls on the decking. No more losses due to evaporation. The pool area is protected.

Pair of levers

Thanks to its hydraulic cylinder, you can open and close the modules as easy as a car boot!

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The low sliding pool enclosure is made of high quality material for an incomparable performance. Its aluminium structure is highly resistant to variations in weather conditions.

The honeycomb polycarbonate surface of the low sliding pool enclosure is UV-treated on both sides. The polycarbonate will not be damaged, remaining robust year after year. Protected on the outside by a micro-perforated strip, the polycarbonate honeycomb compensates for the effects of expansion. Season after season, it remains unchanged.

The profile of the low sliding pool enclosure makes it easy to ventilate the polycarbonate and install the EPDM rubber seal. The pool enclosure is fully waterproof, insulating your pool for a long time. Versatile, durable, and modular, the Abrisud semi-sliding pool enclosure will be your partner for many years of relaxation to come.

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