Max retractable pool enclosure

Designed for large width pools


Warm water

Reduced evaporation

Increased resistance

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This retractable pool enclosure benefits from all the technology, know-how, and high quality material used by Abrisud to adapt to non-standard pools.

A structure made of reinforced aluminium profiles, powder coated, and treated with Qualicoat and Qualimarine.

It is designed in compliance with the NF P 90-309 standard defined by AFNOR to guarantee maximum safety. In particular, it has a locking system that cannot be operated by very young children, is perfectly watertight, and has a proven solidity.

Maintaining water quality

This large retractable enclosure will protect your pool from outside contamination, enabling you to bathe in clean water at the right temperature. Thanks to its innovative cover system, your pool will no longer be soiled by insects, falling leaves, or dust.

Cleaning your pool will be much easier thus preserving your pool’s filtration system for longer.

Enjoy a better user experience

The XL retractable pool enclosure can easily be operated by one person. If you wish, you can of course decide to install a solar powered motorisation system for greater convenience in operating your system.

The technology and high quality material we employ is what enables the XL retractable enclosure to perfectly fit the characteristics of your pool, regardless of its shape and size.

Reducing evaporation

Since its sliding structure guarantees a perfect protection of your pool, our retractable enclosure will substantially limit the problem of water evaporation. Installing an XL retractable pool enclosure represents a choice to make substantial savings… while making a small contribution to the environment.

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delivery, installation

All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.

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