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Warm water

Manually operated



Warm water

Manually operated




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the all-weather low pool enclosure


With the Abrisud low retractable pool enclosure, swim in warmer water all year round and enjoy your pool from the very first rays of sunshine.

Due to its height and clever design, you can swim under the enclosure regardless of the weather conditions outside. The low retractable pool enclosure is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. Secure, it protects the whole family.

The low pool enclosure with multiple advantages

Perfectly proportioned, the Abrisud low retractable pool enclosure strikes an aesthetic and durable balance. Its volumes, surface, and weight are ideally distributed to guarantee you a long-lasting and efficient pool enclosure model. With its complete coverage, you can enjoy swimming protected from external conditions and climatic vagaries. With no visible screws, the low pool enclosure model makes for a neatly designed product. Thanks to its lowered curve radius, it has a very contemporary, uncluttered look. The compact, low pool enclosure takes up very little space, freeing up room around the pool and on the terrace.

The low pool enclosure with unparalleled comfort

It is designed to make your life easier. The low retractable pool enclosure is constructed with modules that slide smoothly to the left and right. The double movement adapts perfectly to your environment. The exclusive guide system enables the modules to slide smoothly. Thanks to a quick access hatch, enjoy your pool enclosure. Swim with complete peace of mind. The manual operation is so smooth that the low pool enclosure only requires one person to operate it. Experience the outdoors and indoors with ease.

The low-tech pool enclosure

A true concentration of technology, the low retractable pool enclosure adds a number of systems making it easy to use. Focus on the comfort of a warm pool, not the effort of operating it. The designer motor box works with both solar and electric power. Select the source that suits you best and use the motor all year round. The remote control can be used anywhere around the pool, on the terrace, or in the garden. Prepare the pool before your swimming session for a quicker first dive.

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The designer's eye

plan Abri piscine ultra bas télescopique shema
  • Material

    Grey powder-coated aluminium frame slate
    (RAL 7016)

  • Coating

    Choice of polycarbonate coating
    UV protection on both sides of 8mm honeycomb
    + microperforated tape or fully
    transparent with Crystal finish:
    1.5mm solid polycarbonate

  • Removable gable

  • Attachment

    Removable side mount
    Optimal performance in snow,
    and installation on the enclosure simplified

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NF P90 309 standard
Easily-accessible dashboard including:

– the solar panel,
– the motor release handle,
– the open/close remote control for the enclosure,
– battery charge level indicator

Ground rail

The pool decks are uneven? This guide rail guarantees a better positioning of the modules.

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the expert's


Designed with an alveolar or crystal polycarbonate coating, the low retractable pool enclosure meets your needs for safety, resistance, and beauty. The crystal coating is exclusive to Abrisud. Perfectly transparent, it enables you to contemplate the reflections of the water unhindered. The polycarbonate enclosure is UV resistant and is designed to adapt to all outdoor environments. Easy to manoeuvre when installed, the retractable enclosure works very well with or without ground rails. Depending on your pool, our advisors will help you choose the most suitable solution. The enclosure can be completely dismantled and is easy to maintain and store. The gables and frame can be removed from the pool effortlessly. The anti-snow attachments and the perfectly waterproof structure protect your pool from wind, rain, hail, and snow.

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delivery, installation

All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.





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The retractable pool enclosure combines designer style,
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