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Warm water

Manually operated



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retractable pool enclosure

Stylish design, comfort and safety are the watchwords for our ultra-low retractable pool enclosures. With their two-way opening and its handling pole, our retractable pool enclosures are ever-so easy to use. As they are NF P90-308-standard compliant, their up-to-the-minute system and protections ensure everyone is safe whenever the enclosure is open or closed.


State-of-the-art retractable pool enclosures

Our ultra-low retractable pool enclosures stand out with their nestable modules that are sleek and easy-to-use. Our ultra-low retractable pool enclosures are free from ground rails, blend perfectly into your surroundings and enhance your in-ground pool environement. Invisible screw systems boost the elegant design of the sliding pool enclosures. Their high-quality finishes add something special to your terrace. And, given their low bend radius, our ultra-low retractable pool enclosures are wonderfully-discreet and invite you to enjoy a breathtaking vista over your garden. Their up-to-the-minute design ensures they are ever-so sleek and minimalist. Whether you roll them out or stack them up, our retractable pool enclosures will always be wonderfully-stylish in your outdoor setting.

Sleek retractable pool enclosures

Our ultra-low retractable pool enclosures are set off with honeycomb polycarbonate-filled or cristal finishes. Abrisud’s exclusive cristal finish enhances enclosures with crystal-clear transparency over all the panes. Delight in an exquisite pool and clean water season-in, season-out. Enjoy the benefits of peaceful surroundings and a wonderfully-stylish lounge area. Our enclosures are available in a motorized version featuring a motor that is understated, discreet and designed in the same up-to-the-minute style. The product adapts to your surroundings: it fits in marvellously your pool’s perspective. Place it where you wish, it will work perfectly.


Premium-quality materials

Our ultra-low retractable pool enclosure motor units are powered by solar or wired energy, it’s up to you to choose. The thermo-coated aluminium profile is proposed in an exquisite slate-grey hue. As it’s timeless, its elegant colour blends perfectly with any scenescape. The removable pinions ensure our motors are ever-so easy to use and to upkeep. With our ultra-low retractable pool enclosures you can forget about constraints and delight in pure pleasure. The lateral attachments are removable. Your ultra-low retractable pool enclosure is totally snow-resistant and the mounting system makes installing the enclosure child’s play.

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From the designer's perspective

plan Abri piscine ultra bas télescopique shema
  • Materials

    Slate-grey-coloured thermo-coated
    aluminium profiles
    (RAL 7016)

  • Finish

    Choose between 8 mm
    two-sided anti-UV honeycomb finish
    + micro-perforated tape or totally
    transparent with our Cristal finish:
    1.5 mm-filled polycarbonate

  • Removable pinion

  • Mounting

    Removable lateral attachments
    Totally resistant to snow,
    and enclosure ever-so easy to install

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NF P90 309 standard

Easily-accessible dashboard including:

– the solar panel,
– the motor release handle,
– the open/close remote control for the enclosure,
– battery charge level indicator

Ground rail

The pool decks are uneven? This guide rail guarantees a better positioning of the modules.

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Thanks to the intelligent system, moving the modules is cushioned. Never worry about shocks when handling the modules, just enjoy a smooth and silent result. The cast aluminum brackets are heat-treated at the corners for outstanding durability. Very easy to handle, the ultra low telescopic pool enclosure is also easy to maintain and store. The model can be completely dismantled. Its polycarbonate honeycomb or crystal is anti-UV treated.

Take advantage of an ultra low telescopic pool enclosure model that will withstand the seasons and years. The ultra low telescopic pool enclosure works perfectly without the need for ground rails. However, if the pool deck is on more than one level, we build a custom-made guide rail that makes moving the modules easier and adds to the comfort of your pool enclosure.

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delivery, installation

All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.




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