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pool roller shutters

all-in-one bench

The Abrisud custom-made above-ground pool cover with bench finish adapts to almost any pool configuration up to 7 metres wide. No loss of space in the pool as it is installed at the end of the pool enabling you to take full advantage of the entire swimming length.

An attractive bench finished pool roller shutters

The bench-finished swimming pool cover is an automatic roller shutter. Its sophisticated motorisation system and robust components create a perfectly solid product. The pool’s safety is ensured by the use of high quality materials and optimised operation. The roller shutter complies with the NF P 90-308 safety standard to protect your pool and its perimeter. Its very elegant design adds character to your terrace. Its wooden casing blends perfectly with the clarity of your pool’s water. The PVC slats of the waterproof roller shutter warm the water in your pool. Enjoy an extended swimming season, from the first to the last rays of the sun.


A versatile bench finished pool roller shutters

A genuine addition to your in-ground pool, the pool cover bench is above ground. The device is placed at the end of your pool so that you can swim in complete freedom. Made to measure, the pool cover will perfectly meet your expectations. This model is suitable for all pool configurations up to 7 metres in width. Don’t worry about your living space and your in-ground pool, the bench cover meets your expectations. The bench finish of the above-ground pool cover opens up an extra space for relaxation. Sit next to the bathers and enjoy unforgettable moments.

A bench-type pool roller shutters with many options

Highly versatile and adaptable to your bathing area, the automatic roller shutter has many options enabling you to create the product of your dreams. Its PVC wood environmental performance index (EPI) cladding is available in several colours. The roller shutter bench blends in perfectly with your garden and terrace. Depending on your wishes, the motorised system of the roller shutter can be powered by either electrical or solar energy, via a discreet solar panel. The motorisation of the roller shutter activates the opening and closing of the automatic roller shutter.


The designer's eye

Volet de piscine hors-sol finition Banc schema
  • Blades with overlapping lips

  • At the end of the blade, an ultrasonically
    welded obstruction plug (PVC) ensures a perfect seal inside the blade.

  • Specially treated PVC slats for UV resistance.

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Wide range of colours for PVC

PVC covering in any colour, wood EPI

Solar panel

The entire system is powered by solar energy

Reversing rail

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The pool bench cover delivers complete satisfaction over time. The robust material is resistant to weather, wind, snow, hail, and sun. The PVC slats are equipped with overlapping edges to prevent dust and dirt from getting on them. They are UV-treated and will not deteriorate over time.

At the end of each PVC slat of the roller shutter there is an ultrasonically welded obstruction plug. This technology ensures a perfect seal on the inside of the PVC slat.

When rolled up, the automatic pool cover disappears completely into the bench. This preserves its quality and provides you with a full bathing area. The stainless steel frame is highly resistant to wear and tear and can be used for many purposes. Your bench can be comfortably used as a seat or sunbed.

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All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.




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