Master above-ground pool roller shutters

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Enjoy swimming longer with the Master above-ground pool cover. Its PVC slats and insulating technology increase the temperature of the water in your pool. From the first to the last sunny days, dive into warm, clean water.

The new slats are the outcome of innovative know-how. The slats of the pool cover are patented for their excellent insulation properties.

The slats of the above-ground pool shutter

The slats of the above-ground pool shutter were completely redesigned to ensure ease of use and maximum comfort. Equipped with cover edges, the pool shutter slats prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, thus protecting the product for a long time. Ultrasonically welded sealing plugs on the end of the slats ensure an optimal seal. These finishes incorporate the latest technological developments in slats. They offer a durable, long-lasting result season after season. The PVC slats are specially treated to resist natural UV rays. In summer, in winter, in the rain, or in the sun, your above-ground pool cover protects your pool and makes its environment safer.

The made-to-measure above-ground pool roller shutters

Made entirely to measure, the Master above-ground pool cover adapts to your swimming pool according to its shape and construction specifications. Essential if you have an original design, the above-ground pool cover is also a good choice for covering a standard-sized pool such as a rectangular structure. Thanks to its tailored dimensions, the pool cover will never again be a constraint for you. The roller of the above-ground pool cover is placed at the end of the pool for minimum space requirements and maximum comfort. Enjoy your pool without losing any swimming area.


The aesthetic above ground pool roller shutters

The Master above-ground pool cover was designed with a very modern look. The model is finished off with a meticulous finish that highlights your pool and the purity of your water. Discreet and contemporary, the Master above-ground pool cover fits seamlessly and harmoniously into your environment. Its refined aesthetic pays tribute to your terrace and your outdoor space. The choice of slat colours enables it to be adapted to all pools and their surroundings. Unrolled or rolled up, the Master above-ground pool cover adds beauty to your garden.

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The designer's eye

Abrisud volet de piscine Master schema
  • Slats with overlapping edges

  • At the end of the slat, an ultrasonically welded obstruction plug (PVC)
    ensures a perfect seal inside the slat.

  • Slats made of specially treated UV-resistant PVC.

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Remote control

Control the opening and closing with the touch of a finger!

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Waterproof and sturdy, the Master above-ground pool cover ensures the safety and protection of your pool. Personal safety is the focus of attention with an innovative system that protects both the pool and the cover itself during its opening and closing phases.

The Master above-ground pool cover complies with NF P 90-308 safety standards. The protection of the pool is ensured by treated slats and finishes adapted to climatic changes and temperature variations.

Its quality materials ensure that the Master above-ground pool cover will last for years. No matter what the season, you can be sure that your pool is well covered. The motorised system makes it easy to open and close the above-ground pool cover. The controls are located directly on the pool cover base.

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All orders are made to measure. Our technicians carry out a precise survey of the dimensions of the pool before production begins. Our shelters are delivered and assembled on your premises by our expert installers.




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The aesthetic above-ground pool roller shutters with an attractive finish