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Large size pool enclosures and pergolas, a most attractive feature for your establishment

Create outdoor spaces that are a pleasure to experience so your customers can make the most of every moment spent in your establishment, regardless of the weather. This is the mission of the Abrisud Pro teams. Fully customised solutions designed to enable you to host events in all seasons. Cover or uncover your pool or terrace and optimise your capacity to welcome people all year round.

Pool enclosures for professionals

A well thought-out swimming area for a campsite or holiday home is the guarantee of a successful season. Abrisud Pro solutions are designed to optimise the space enabling everyone to make the most of each swimming area. Quality material, compliance with standards, and integration with the environment, each project is unique and designed to meet the needs of our clients. 

Bring your terrace to life all year round with the XXL bioclimatic pergola. Designed to cover reception areas, the Abrisud Pro bioclimatic pergola is a scalable terrace covering solution. Designed entirely to measure, it is resistant to outdoor conditions enabling you to benefit from a greater capacity. Waterproof and modular, you can use your outdoor spaces in all seasons.


Pool and terrace cover for a season beyond limits

With the Abrisud Pro pool enclosures, your site’s water park will take on another dimension. A pool equipped with a modular enclosure enables your customers to maintain their activities regardless of the weather. Large-scale structures are designed to adapt to the location, both architecturally and in terms of the activities offered. You can cover or uncover your aquatic space as you wish for optimal customer satisfaction. A season that lasts longer with a better occupancy rate, an offer of complementary services, and the guarantee of an optimised profitability for your establishment. 
For optimal comfort Abrisud Pro also offers modular solutions for terraces and reception areas. Terrace enclosures and pergolas to increase your reception capacity and guarantee service regardless of the season or the weather. Designed for areas open to the public, Abrisud Pro pool enclosures, aquatic areas, and terraces are designed in compliance with NEIGE ET VENT (NV65) or EUROCODES construction standards.

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