Our strengths

Sharing more than a profession

01 – Services Clients et techniques:

You are at the heart of the client experience!

Each of our activities plays a key role in the satisfaction of our clients. We therefore pay particular attention to each of them so that they evolve in line with client expectations.

Commitments towards serving our clients:
Because listening to our clients and ensuring their satisfaction are at the heart of our concerns, our after-sales and technical teams have several missions.
Our after-sales service teams are committed to responding to all our clients by e-mail and telephone within a maximum of 48 hours, providing a first level response.
For our technicians, the need to repair in the shortest possible time.
For our teams of travelling technicians, a distribution throughout the country to carry out pool surveys and repairs.

02 - Engineering and Production Services:

You manufacture innovative and high quality pool protection products, reflecting the image of being made in France.

Innovation is at the heart of our approach
Ever since the company was founded, innovation has been our guiding principle, ensuring we always offer our clients the best in the outdoor world. Our research and development department is made up of technicians, engineers from the design and R&D departments, and developers. They work in close collaboration with the production workshops. 

Teams working together for the common good
We believe that the convergence of talents must remain at the heart of managing and administering a company. To achieve this, our engineering and production teams work hand in hand, from the design office to the workshop. They are mobilised in the service of our clients to provide them with an unbeatable experience.

Quality commitment made in France
Our enclosures are designed in France and manufactured in our workshops by specialised teams with a passion for work well done. We can therefore guarantee our clients a design and finished products “made in France”.

03 - Sales and Marketing Department:

You create the Abrisud world!

Rethinking the client experience and creating an authentic relationship of trust: your mission. 
Within a context where clients are increasingly attentive and demanding with regard to the products and services they are offered, it is essential to rethink our ways of working.

Thus, our sales and marketing departments have the task of anticipating the expectations of our target audience in order to provide them with a simple and above all personalised response. We believe that product customisation should no longer be the only criterion to be considered. Personalising the customer relationship also enables us to attract customers and build loyalty. 
Together let’s reinvent how clients are advised…

04 - Support functions and administration:

You are the driving force behind the Abrisud Group!

Essential functions:
Achieving our strategic ambitions would not be possible without a sound support and administration team. These functions and processes contribute on a daily basis to supporting our developments and implementing our industrial projects.

Cross-functional activities:
Human Resources, Accounting and Management Control, Information Systems, General Resources, and Legal … the employees in these positions are stakeholders in achieving the major challenges facing our Group and contribute together to its performance. 

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Abrisud has been designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing some 5,000 enclosures a year for over 20 years, offering customers in 11 countries throughout Europe bespoke in-house services!

Abrisud, Europe’s leading manufacturer of pool enclosures proposes an across-the-board range of enclosures, shutters and covers to protect pools and make them safe.

All Abrisud pool enclosures comply with the NF P 90-309 standard Each enclosure is tailor-designed to meet the specifications of each pool.

Abrisud fully masters the entire quality chain of its products. We do our utmost to meeting your desires and needs at every stage without ever outsourcing.

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